All pizzas are 11” personal size


classic cheese 8
house made red sauce/ whole milk low moisture mozzarella

pepperoni n’cheese 9
house made red sauce/ mozzarella/ sliced pepperoni

una cosa (one topping) 9
house made red sauce/ mozzarella/one topping

green-eyed blonde 8
olive oil/italian herbs/mozzarella/parmesan/ fresh basil

margherita pie 9
house made red sauce/ fresh mozzarella/ sliced tomato/basil

paesano 10
house made red sauce/ mozzarella/italian sausage/ mushrooms/grilled onion

vege vege 10
house made red sauce/ mozzarella/roasted broccoli/mushrooms/ red onion/zucchini/ basil

a-la-vodka 10
house made vodka sauce/mozzarella/basil/meatballs/mushrooms

pesto chicken 10
house made pesto/mozzarella/ ricotta/grilled chicken/sliced tomato

mediterranean 11
house made white sauce/mozzarella/garlic/ feta/spinach/artichoke/black olives

hot maui 10
house made red spicy sauce/mozzarella/grilled pineapple/canadian bacon/banana peppers

pizza napoli 10
house made red sauce/mozzarella/anchovies

bar-b-q chicken 10
bbq sauce/mozzarella/grilled chicken/ red onion/ranch dressing

ultimate tailgate 11
house made red sauce/ mozzarella/sliced pepperoni/ italian sausage/peppers/grilled onion

pizza funghetto 11
house made red sauce/mozzarella/feta/grilled eggplant/roasted portobello/roasted red peppers

tuscan meatball 10
house made red sauce/mozzarella/ricotta/ basil/crumbled meatballs

chicken roma 10
house made red sauce/mozzarella/grilled chicken/ roasted broccoli/roasted garlic

all-day breakfast 11
house made red sauce/mozzarella/cheddar/spinach/ grilled bacon/scrambled fresh egg (can substitute sausage for bacon)

white mushroom 10
house made white sauce/mozzarella/ red onion/roasted portobello/ white mushrooms/roasted garlic

classic milano 10
herb oil/mozzarella/ grilled bacon/ tomatoes/hot chilies/ arugula

spicy bacon broccoli 10
home made spicy red sauce/mozzarella/ cheddar cheese/grilled bacon/roasted broccoli

pizza rucola 11
house made red sauce/ricotta/ red onion/prosciutto/arugula

buffalo chicken 10
house made buffalo sauce/mozzarella/ gorgonzola/grilled chicken/red onion

salad pizza 11
romaine/cucumber/tomatoes/black olives tossed in balsamic dressing and served on a white cheese pizza, drizzled with basil ranch dressing

add to any pizza or salad prosciutto/bacon/anchovies/portobello/chicken (+2) extra meat or cheese (+2) vegan cheese (+3) gluten free crust (+3)





Build Your Own Pizza

All One Price, 12

choice of crust
traditional or ancient grains (gluten-free add 3)

add sauce
traditional red
spicy red
herb oil

order of cheese
fresh mozzarella
skinny mozzarella
vegan (+3)

order of meat
sliced pepperoni
grilled chicken
crumbled meatballs
italian sausage
canadian bacon
grilled bacon
anchovies (+2)
prosciutto (+2)


unlimited veggie toppings
grilled onion
red onion
roasted broccoli
sliced tomatoes
cherry tomatoes
green peppers
grilled eggplant
roasted zucchini
hot chilis
roasted red peppers
black olives
grilled pineapple
sliced jalapenos
roasted garlic
banana peppers
sun-dried tomatoes
fresh basil



garden 9 (small 5)
romaine/arugula/spinach/red cabbage/green peppers/ broccoli/tomatoes/mushrooms/chick peas/ white french dressing

caesar 9 (small 5)
romaine/parmesan/red onions/mushrooms/cherry tomatoes/potato stix/caesar dressing

baby kale 10
kale/arugula/feta/cherry tomato/cucumber/ grilled onions/craisins/sunflower seeds/grilled chicken/ balsamic dressing

cobb 11
romaine/tomato/cucumber/hard-boiled egg/crispy bacon/grilled chicken/cheddar cheese/ranch dressing

roman 10
romaine/spinach/portobello mushrooms/roasted red peppers/grilled eggplant/chick peas/feta cheese/ sunflower seeds/balsamic dressing

harvest 10
arugula/roasted chickpea/seasonal berries/feta cheese/ craisins/grilled chicken/white french dressing

buffalo chicken 10
romaine/red onion/mozzarella/cherry tomato/buffalo chicken/blue cheese dressing

all dressings home made


Selection of Local Craft Beers

Selection of Wines on Tap

Iced Tea/Lemonade/Bottled Water

Puck’s Craft Fountain Soda

Made in small batches with cane sugar and no corn syrup.

milk shakes / desserts

vanilla 5
strawberry 5
chocolate 5
nutella pretzel 6
cookies n’cream 6
mint oreo 6
milky way malt 6

nutella dessert pizza 10

classic sundae 4