Milling and Dough Room

A lot of people tell us how wonderful and tasty our pizza crusts is. They ask why it tastes so good – well, here’s the secret and, it really is no secret at all.

Fresh flour and whole grains

Our grains are milled fresh each day right here using our “Stone Burr Mill”. This ensures all the nutrients are retained in the flour and results in a fresher tasting crust which is better for you. We always use GMO-free chemical-free, high protein flours and grains and make our dough fresh every day by hand.

Slow dough

Our great tasting dough develops from a slow, patient proofing process. Like craft beers and fine wines, time is needed so the fresh yeast can ferment and interact with the grains and honey to impart character to the dough.

Hand crafted

Unlike pizza joints that get their dough delivered frozen from a remote commissary, ours is made fresh and hand rolled and tossed right here in our milling/dough room every day – out in the open for everyone to see.

Executive Pizzaiolo Chef – Alessandro Spinello

Our pizza making is led by our Executive Pizzaiolo, Alessandro Spinello,(“Alex”), a native of Piove di Sacco, near Venice, Italy. Alex is a graduate of Accademia Pizzaioli Italiani and has worked at a number of high-end restaurants both in Rochester and Boston. He is very passionate about pizza making and the “slow- food” and “farm-to-table” trends in food. Alex has lectured on the “slow-food” movement at SUNY Brockport.

At Pizzeria FAVO we’re very proud of our products and our people.